Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

June 3, 2013

Sorry for being horrible at this! Major updates coming your way. Thanks for supporting our fantastic missionary!

So today in my study I learned that we ought not to say that phrase that is my subject. For reference see 2 nephi 28 =) Interesting thoughts. So this last week was not as great as it could have been work wise, but there are also reason for it. Monday nights we have Noche de Hogar and we taught as well. It was about agency and I was playing the part of Lucifer for a bit. I was good at it, better than I expected and I feel that until I explained the members thought ill of me...hahah oh well. I am definitely getting better with my Spanish, but I type faster in English, so that's how that goes. At times in my journal I read and see that I switch from English to Spanish and back. Tuesday was great lesson wise. We tough two investigators and recent converts as well. One of the investigators is finally progressing the way she should be =) Her name is Dulce and she is VERY pregnant, and she read and prayed =) So great, the lesson went really well! The only downside is that we only visit her once a week because of how things work with her family. Wednesday we did virtually nothing! We have our district meeting on Wednesday and then we came back to the church after we ate for interviews with Presidente Jordan. We watched a video on how to use the videos they have for leadership training that was actually a culmination of 9 vidoes, but it was ALL FANTASTIC!!! I love vidoes, although it was weird for me in Spanish. We watched the video after Hermana Jordan spoke about health and how we ought to use any spare money. She's great =) My interview with the Presidente was short but good =) I'm pretty sure Elder Oliveros and I will be together until I'm done with my 12 weeks training, which is in this next transfer. After that we'll be able to focus even more time of the day to the work!!! Although after the 12 weeks I'm expected to be able to train, so I have some work to do!!!! Thursday fell apart for us, but we feel that we know why. I have written in my planner 2 Nephi 14:5-6, I can't remember what it says and I don't have time to look it up, so all I can say....ope! I remembered. It's the Isaiah chapter I can't remember which one...but it says something that I hadn't understood, but I feel that it speaks of temples and/or Holy places, but more Temples. As a place of refuge in the last days, I was thinking of it more literally, but do not know if it is in fact literal. I would like your thoughts. Friday was great too!! We utilized the plans we had made for other lessons, but we used it! and it was what they needed to hear. Saturday was great, we taught Carlos and he really tests us as messengers of God, he tests us in praise. When he attempts to praise us we ONLY PRASE GOD. And he has never met people like us. We are working on him to get to church, he feels unprepared and we feel that we need to take him on a tour of the church and to meet some more members before he'll come. Sunday was interesting. They are prepary EFY here for the youth and some people came to help train the youth leaders and their leaders on how things need to work. We had the VERY FIRST family history class!! but missionaries don't fit in the room, there are four of us, and they will take everyone with them where we now have to be in the Gospel Doctrine class, but from what I witnessed yesterday, they need us in there. Today has been very good, I bought a backpack =) I like it. My shoulder bag is great but a hastle at times. I didn't realize that it's meant for people taller than me =) haha if I was taller it would work very well. But for now I will use it less often. 
     I love you all and I know that we do have so many leaders for a reason. But that they are ALL called of God. We need to strive more for action and help those who struggle to accept and act, with love and patience. We can all do what is asked of us, and when we need help, AND WE'LL NEED HELP, all we need to do is ask. The Lord knows our trials and he knows how we can overcome them. He WILL help us. His hands are outstretched to us. I love you.

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