Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


     It was cool to still celebrate a little bit of thanksgiving with our member landlords We had a small dinner and they were very gracious. I have pictures, but we'll see how we work things out with that. 
     Went to the temple today that was glorious. new video is now in =) 
     This past week really was great, we had plenty of work but are struggling finding new investigators, right now we have our nine year old prepping for bapstism the 14th. She's great, Cielo is her name. We have seen some real progress in us as a companionship  and with those we have been visiting and working with. We only have now to put new goals and make specific plans to meet those goals! We will be participating in a meeting with Elder De Hoyos on the 11th and that will be great. More for us and more for unity. There are so many members that are willing to help us and work really well, a ton of former missionaries, both sisters and elders!!! 
     I couldn't really ask for more, but there is so much to be done. Now all we really need is organization and more helping hands. I have not much left to say!!!!
     I got the package!! Thanks!!! 

  I know you all missed my YAMS!!!! so delicious and my masterful stuffing, probably not so much. I love you all and I wish you much happiness and goodness. 

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Mosiah 2:19-22


 November 25, 2013

    Oh the ways of the Lord. We can always be better, we can always get closer to  the Lord. He is ALWAYS there waiting for us. In reality this week was good, but not so great. Super weird to think, hey my sister is getting married today during the week. All in all we are seeing lots of progress. We don't have a lot of investigators, but the ones we have are really close to baptism. A nine year old girl and 70 year old man. =) Only a few more steps and they will be ready.
    Honestly I have nothing to say about this week other than it has acutally been a little cold outside. Haha no one is on the streets, but if they are they are in two or more sweaters =) and a coat. 
     The zone leaders go to the offices Friday so if the package is there I'll get it next week, but I spoke with the Secretaries yesterday and they didn't mention anything, so we'll see. 
     I love the feeling of testifying and being so sure of that which I am testifying that the Holy Spirit testifies to me yet again, in the very moment, the veracity of such witnesses and knowledge. 
     I love you my family, you all look well!! A few with some crazy hair, but that's them. My sister looks very Beautiful and I am very happy for her =) and the place (noah's) looks great!!! Awesome colors =) 
     I am always grateful to have a place at the table and in the hearts of the members of each of you, my family. I love you =) Please be safe in everything you do!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
1 Nephi 15:8 and 11

My family, it's getting bigger?

November 18, 2013

Isn't he the cutest? This is the picture that was at the table with my family at Brett's sister Suzette's wedding.

Inline image 1
  Dear family,
     I went to the beach again today, that was fun. This past week felt super long and also was super packed with stuff to do and went by way fast. That’s the mission right there. Haha anyway I love you all and I have some pictures to send you. =)

     There's one. 
     So this week was crazy we had splits, I can't even think right now, my mind is racing. I love reading the scriptures, discovering new things, meeting new people, helping with all that we do, going to church, hearing from my family and friends. So many things have happened that I can't even really remember what has happened and when. I am getting my muscle back and am less tired, my companion and I really get along very well the members are great, our investigators too, the activities help and are actually focused on what they should be, I can see how much this is preparing me for, and I can't wait to get started. 
     Honestly the most impactful thing from this week is my studies, I have learned so much and it's hard not to shout it all out loud all day long. I only have a need to remember how to help answer questions and leave the ones they need to discover for themselves. We are teaching a less-active family who are having struggles and we know their spiritual needs, and seeing as how we are hungry for both food and spirlitual food, we can also see a physical change when we are spiritaully fed. 
     Look at the world and see the difference of the Spiritually nourished and those who are starving, we have food, the only food that will and can feed them, help them live, but seeing as they are so starved, they will need a little, until they can truly eat more without getting sick. The level of nourishment, remember that, is so important, what they can actually take in.

 I have to go!! Love you all!!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
D&C 50:23

Another week. Another letter

October 22, 2013

 I am on the Lord's Errand. I am smart, capable, considerate, and rely upon the Lord my only strength. 
     If you read only that, it is sufficient for me.

     Today I write on Tuesday. The temple is not open Mondays. We went to the temple, yes I am now in an area where I can go to the temple, I have been here for nearly six weeks. I still love you.
      Tuesday was good. We had a lesson with a young adult who changed drastically from our first visit. She accepted a baptismal date. We haven't been able to contact her since because she is now working. She has much potential, and has a realization of the need for the atonement in her life and a plan.
     Wednesday we had a round table with the assitants. The lesson was good, and the activity helped me a lot in seeing my teaching ability, the lack of use of talent, and the depth of each child of our Hevenly Father. We had divisions with one of the assistants Elder Ringer from Las Vegas. The day was very interesting and there are some people who need friends. A man told us that he left the church because in his time of need no one was there. It ought not be that way, but it IS. As members we have a duty, it will always be our duty. Love our neighbors as ourselves. Know each one of them.It was also Sam's birthday.
     Thursday was really something. Weekly planning, the best it has ever been and quick too, never though it would happen, but when you can get in on a focus with what needs to happen, with whom, the plans to get it done, it all falls into place and the time flies. This day we had a lesson with part of the family that had someone pass away, The Novoa family. We have three new baptismal dates with them. Only the parents are members and the son who passed away. His sisters are not, we are teaching two and an uncle, there is more to come with this family you will see.
     Friday we had our district meeting. And my favorite part was a focus on the scriptures, introducing them and treasuring them up in our minds and our hearts. It wasn't a great day lesson wise, but still good. My faith strong seen by my companion when waiting for our investigator =) I knew he would come. 
     Saturday. Wow. We prepared our activity for the evening, Viaje a Hawái, with the rooms and all the things we were going to use and all that jazz. We had no time for anything and it was raining, that is really bad here, many of our members are from an area called Chipús, a place filled with mud always. rain is bad, we had our food appointment there too, far from our house. We had to get things readyand rush back to the church for final touches and greeting. We had more than 70 people show up to the activity , we started late and changed many plans right then and there, but it was a success. We had plenty of investigators and the members were strongly impacted as well. 
     Sunday I gave a talk on prayer. They asked us to give a talk saturday night....My first talk in the field and it was really bad. I like giving talks, but Spanish is hard for me in that aspect, but I have used the things I learned from my preparations very much in these few days. The Lord prepares the ways for His children to have success, I may not have done much with my talk, but in the lessons it has been vital. THIS IS THE DAY we had a lesson with the Novoa family again, but this time there was more extended family!! We had, at one time 12 people, three children, many questions. It was tough we were fairly unprepared for a situation of the like. But the ones who remained were intrerested. We have now a very interested couple, who look to have incredible potential, I am excited for them, the only thing is here where it becomes difficult to focus on each individuals needs. But it was great, stretched me and my companion. 
     Monday we did service early in the morning, I have some blisters as proof. My first time using a machete =) I have photos no worries. Oh and the first time I use civilian clothes other than exercise clothing. We had really good lessons with a less active of which I believe I have spoken before. Maybe. He works on the Plataformas and is away from home a lot. But when he is home he does not attend church. I enjoy this man's company and he can be an incredible example for many. I expressed that to him as well as many other things and other comments from my companion. I hoped to awaken in him a true desire. In another we had with a family who lost their father and husband recently, it was on faith and expanded to their needs. We had inspired comments and questions and the only thing that really lacks here are good influences, they aren't so much lost as they think they are and we are hoping to help them on the right track with out relying upon us. We ate three times meal with much chíle habanero =) not so bad.
     The Temple was incredible. definitely a different experience. I was able to get some things from the temple store that I have needed!! So great and so cheap! I have received answers to my prayers, my petitions, and by way of prayer, the scriptures and feelings have received so much. I am eternally grateful. 
     I testify of true and honest prayer. Seeking we will find. Going to the places that are holy and for us heaven on earth are the places to be. Go to the temple and often. Please. I promise now, test me. I will not fail one week in going to the temple when I am home again. 
     I love you all. 

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-

*What a guy, right? I sure love him and I pray that he will be more confident in Spanish soon. :) He's coming up on 7 months in the field. Thank you for supporting him by sharing his experiences with him and keeping him in your thoughts  and prayers. 

Our deepest love goes out to the family and loved ones of Elder Kunz. May you find comfort in the knowledge that through temple covenants and righteous living, families will be forever.

It finally feels like fall!

November 11, 2013
So if you didn't know autumn is my favorite season. The temperature, the wind, the colors. Well we don't have all of that here, but it's close. It's cooler temperature and it really helps, but there is rain....poopy. Oh well! 
     I have really learned in these past months to now that numbers help us view progress,  but really aren't perfect to view work, there aren't key indicators for everything. We have been exhausted with inspired visits and lessons, blessings (you can feel the strength leave you), be we receive all the blessings in the Lord's time and ways. We have been able to still continue on without too much difficulty. 
     We had a great activity that tons of people showed up to! A day as a missionary, where they went in groups or companionships and made visits to the less-actives! We had successful visits and the next day was ward conference and we saw tons of people that haven't been to church in a long time. 
     My biggest struggles as of late have been our investigators, but with the Lord and following His guidance, we have had more successful visits with them. One a 70 year old man who has been a part of a few different has been hard for him to part with some ideas, but the scriptures back everything up. He has tons of questions and really likes to talk. This last visit we were able to start with a hymn and it changed the way everything worked, it was so fantastic!!! We were able to teach and testify and get everything out, answering questions and he prayed!! 
     The other one is a nine year old girl, she honestly talks a lot, but when we are trying to teach.....nothing. it is so hard, but with some new ways of working and gaining her confidence is helping her open up and understand as well. Her mother is less-active and it hurts her progress, but we are hoping to see all of them in church again next week. 
      Every week there is something I find that I can do better. I have seen the changes the Lord has made in me as a teacher and as a student, as a leader and how I follow. But I can always be better.
     We had the chance to eat with the Patriarch this week and he spoke to me and it was crazy, obviously they have the same, one-and-only, source of all truth and knowledge, but he reaffirmed things that are in my patriarchal blessing and spoke of more, that I later wrote down. That was pretty cool and he is a very awesome man. 
      Well I truly appreciate your love and concern. No need to worry though, I am growing as a person and have found that I make all the difference in my attitude and how I take things and that although there are real problems that real people go through, those are not my challenges at this time. =) I have an assurity that I will be protected as I follow God's laws. 
     I love you all!!!! BESOS ABRAZOS!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Manual 2 Chapters 4&5

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


     So I got transferred again, It threw me off a little, didn't think that would happen. I am still in the same Zone, and actually still in the same District....Just a different ward. Barrio Ampliación. It is the rich area of the zone, and has a lot of work as well, I am very satisfied with the way I left my other area. 
     This last transfer, we had 23 new investigators 20 of which we are still teaching, the other three turned out not to be in our area =S. We had success in different ways, learning from each other, sharing, growing, and teaching. I have learned more control over myself and my thoughts and my actions. My focus is more clear and in the right place. My heart as well. Each day as I strive to meet with the standards of God, I find that only He and His son can truly bring me closer. 
     I left my planner in the house and I don't remember much right now. I hope this next part isn't the only thing you remember from my email. I woke up today with a fever of 101.3, a sore throat, and aches and pains in my muscles and joints. It has passed throughout the day and there is no reason to worry, I consulted with Hermana Jordan and she advised me on how to take care of it. The fever started last night while working like normal but I hadn't recognized it. I had a headache as well, it was so weird. The best part really about it all was how I was able to continue, to feel perfectly fine as I taught and was in the homes of the investigators whom we taught. The Lord sends angels to care for us.
    Yesterday we had stake conference, the counselor of President Jordan spoke, a future missionary, the Temple president and his wife, powerful talk, and the stake president. It was all very edifying and we are really taking it home with the Work of Salvation, It is exploding and getting to the hearts of many members. 
     All that we do as missionaries really isn't enough. 
   I love you all. I hope you have a good week. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Memory of Colt Daniel Kunz

     Well this week was super interesting. Things I never would have expected to happen did, and it just kind of threw me off. I have a new mindset of how we use our time and how it ought to be best utilized and the downfall of being a quiet person, and the benefits of being trustworthy. 

     The week started off normally and all was well, we had some really good contacts in the street. I don't remember mentioning it, but we have a very self-motivated investigator that we found at church a few weeks ago and in the first lesson he accepted a baptismal date and it HASN'T fallen!!! Miracles do happen, that's the first of that category for me. Wednesday we had an EXCELLENT lesson with an investigator that we had contacted on the street last month and have just barely been able to get a chance to teach her. In the street she didn't really have much interest, or at least didn't seem to have much interest, but the moment we entered the door, things changed! A fantastic experience and I'm pretty sure she saw the Three Nephites! Super cool. We started with the Plan of Salvation and will go back to set up an appointment soon. The crappy thing here is that we run out of balance in our phone and so do other people, and then they aren't home when we try to stop by and set up an appointment and such, all going to the fact that they work a ton and don't really have time to do anything with us. 

     Thursday was where things started to get interesting. It is our day of weekly planning. We tried to visit an inactive sister with another sister in the morning, she wan't home. We decided to go visit another inactive young man and when we arrived there we found out that he had died the night before in the hospital. He had fallen from his roof (two story house) a few months earlier and had been complaining about a headache, but told no one about the fall. He died suffocating and other complications from inflamed lungs and fluids as well. We got to know th family a little bit and they accepted us and asked us for words of consolation. We said we would stop by later. We did, and that was super weird for me, my first viewing (it IS my first) and a very hopeless feeling was present. We had a few lessons that day and one of our new investigators is a person who really needs this Gospel. 

     Friday in the morning we went to the stake center in Chairel where the President spoke to us about the events with Elder Kunz. It was an experience to remember as well. The rest of that day didn't go too well, we attended the funeral of the young man (Ramón) that passed away on Wednesday from the ward here again a very interesting experience; we found and taught new investigators who were very welcoming and wanted to hear what we had to share. 

      Saturday we have our meetings with the Ward Mission leader and we planned a monthly missionary activity (one we have done for the youth a before the ward youth conference [FLY TV2]) called Trip to Hawaii! It will be great and we fashioned the flyers into plane tickets =). The meeting went long and we had our food appointment way far into a place called Chipús. The sister had forgotten that she was to feed us and so hadn't prepared......we missed two of our appointments and stopped by anyway to see if we could find them anyway...with no luck. I met a less active member for the first time who works on the platforms (sea oil rigs) and is gone for long periods of time. He is super hilarious and has rose colored glasses (they´re red) because he is color blind at a distance.....=) 

     Sunday was good. Not too much to say there. Right now we have five missionaries, Elder Dávila is with our Zone leaders until the end of the transfer so we think. 

     All in all this week was filled with a lot and not really too much happened, I hate that feeling. It will always be partly my fault, so I am needing to kick it up a notch and make sure my voice is heard and respected. 
     I love you all and I am grateful for each one of you. 
Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
D&C 138: 38-56; 57

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conferencia General
  To answer the question. I spent all of Saturday and the majority of Sunday in the stake center for conference. It was great, we had our English tv in the high council room. I loved every single talk and they are not light topics all our leaders are getting down on what we need to do. These are the last days and the Lord is hastening His work. We need to get into gear as members of the church. 
     This week we have had some very interesting experiences. Blessing a baby for health in an interesting situation. We had her parents as two new investigators, we have a new investigator with a baptismal date!  Things are gping well, but can always be better! We are working hard as always with the members and trying to get more to come with us on our visits. I have seen the way that not reading the scriptures and not going to church affects the members of a part active family and part member families. It would be tough and I will ever be grateful for my family and my parents and my grandparents who have followed the promptings and allowed me to be here by there choices and guidance. 
     This week we had an interesting experience with an inactive member. He has been avoiding and rejecting any and all members of the church and even told the Bishop to 'bug off.' The day we went, he let us in and awhile we were talking, he mentioned that the only reason he let us in to talk to him was that he had a dream that he saw our faces and was talking with us. He has deep doubts that have basic answers and they are a broad spectrum of needed testimoy and scriptural refences on our part. I enjoyed the talk although at times I felt that maybe the man was evil, but he has only had evil influences. I could feel the adversary attempting to enter the room, trying at our hearts. But the Lord is more powerful and he loves us His children. He can always liberate us. 
     I am still having De'Ja'vu ( I don't remember where the ' goes) and it is great to me it is testimony that I am in the right place at the right time and that I am following the directions and whisperings of the Spirit. There are oft times that it is very difficult to feel that way. 
     On Tuesday I went on splits with my District leader Elder Chesnut, he's from Bluffdale. We were in his area and had some good experiences =) 
     I think that's everything, If I missed anything, well you won't know what it is....=) Love you!!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Helaman 5:9-11

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Conference Weekend!

Brett has always loved General Conference but he has extra loved hearing them as a missionary. Everybody going to watch? Listen to the words of modern prophets, feel the Spirit testify to your heart and be enormously blessed for exercising your faith and obeying the impressions you receive. 

     This week was long, short, crappy, and successful!! All that we had to do, pressure form leaders that didn't help. But all in the end the help, support, and blessings of the Lord God Almighty. We have had 8 new investigators this past week and more to come this week! Conference is this Saturday and Sunday and will super fantastic!! The ward is great, I know the area pretty well now and we are still finding plenty of people to teach, like less actives. There was Friday of this week that was torture, we had two lessons that day and the both of us got stress related headaches.....but it was good to learn, we made plans to have more plans and goals. We are already having those in action and seeing the fruits of following promptings and plans. 
     There are so many things the Lord has in store for each one of us. Be the blessing you want in your life, be the friend, child, spouse, teacher, leader, and servant the Lord requires of us all. I love you.

     I really wish I could say more, but It's just to much to mention. The experiences!! So great. I have had the chance to feel the spirit and see it take effect in the lives of others. This is the Lord's work, and I will ever be a part of it. 

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Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Proverbs 16:20
2 John 1:3

Sorry again

     Sorry this will be very short. All that is really necessary to know is that My preparation days are not Wednesdays, They are still mondays.....I still love you all. We have had some incredible experiences here is these few days =) many many opportunities and great results. The Lord had been preparing each of us for this time we have to work together is this area! We have been able to contact past investigators and other families on the way. We have zero investigators so that was a struggle for me, but we have plenty to work with when it comes to less-actives! The area is great, it isn't too big, but long and skinny. I have been pretty much everywhere. The people really love the missionaries here, we very well taken care of in this area =) I need to make sure not to get fat! My companion is really helping me a lot and i am able to be more relaxed and open and doing all my part here as a companion. Everything is going well, but I can't wait to see more progress!!
     Love you all!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
D&C 58:36-37

*I hate to say I told you so'

Elder Gonzalez mustache-you a question

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey it's the sea!

     Much as you know I was not able to write on Monday. All the missionaries had the change and solely to be cautious. We had rain and that was it, but it was a lot of rain! 
     More in actual news, I'm Ampliación, barrio del Valle 2 =) a change of scenary and a new companion, His name is Elder Tuñon and he is from Panama, the only Panameño in the mission! New opportunities and more children of the Lord whom I can help come closer to Him. Those I left are in good hands and I know that with all they can do and all the support they have now, that they will be entering the waters of baptism here soon =) Haha, you never really think about the way people feel about you until you leave them. I am grateful to be loved by the people, but I know that it only comes from the fact that I am sharing light and truth with them and helping them to feel the love of our Father. His love is true and unending. 
     With it being a new 6 weeks I forgot my planner that has my notes from the past week...Well we have had success with a family , the majority of them, to go to church and to accept the lessons and to commit to read and pray to know for themselves of the truth and the path that they ought to take to come closer to the Lord. The rain has been fun and we have found more people at home because of it. All-in-all the week was a good one, we found someone to teach by offering to carry some things for her, she lives down the street from us too! She is young and has a little girl with her husband and we had planned to visit her Thursday =). with everything I feel and have felt the adversary and the hand of the Lord.

     AHHHH La Noche Mexicana SUD style =) that was great =) I have some pictures =) we could only stay for so long and they started late so we didn't get to see much, but it was a lot of fun!!! Many people say that I look like Emiliano can tell me =)

Inline image 1

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Haggai 1:7

For those of you like me who have noooo idea who Emiliano Zapata is, this is a picture....

.....I'm going with NOT his look alike. 

Dearest Family

     My dearest Family, 
   I want to let you know that I love you. We are blessed with this Gospel, the Unity it brings. As we are all growing up and growing out, we can and will be together as a family for ETERNITY. I cannot express with words right now, the feelings of my heart, but there can be strength in these words. Our family is in the covenant, were it not so we would be lost. We are NOT lost. We have each other and we have our Father and our Father. The Father and His Son. Only by these Powers and the authority given to men in these the latter days is this possible. 
     This is my message. This is a Purpose. 'that they might know [Him] the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom [He] hast sent.' 
     Families can be difficult, we are all different, but we are FAMILY. Even more so sons and daughters of the Living God. I hope that all that I am teaching in these days will be able to find the way to accept and apply this Gospel, it is perfect and will help to perfect them, as it helps to perfect us. 
     I have had very interesting experiences in this past week, the Spirit is there, I have had the chance to have it work through me, to bring hope to the eyes of the despairing and the healing power of the week. The Lord know how to succor His people, I testify of that. 
     I am weak, I am very imperfect, but I have my Savior and I bear His name. There is power in Him. Only through Him have I grown and only through Him will I continue to grow. I hope to never lose these feelings of assurity and security. 
     I have never been a great son or a good brother, but I am growing. I love you, my family. We will never be alone because we have each other. I have you.

     Never, please, NEVER forget that the Lord sent us here in Families. We grow as a family, to be many families as the children start to have their own. Time is a necessity. TAKE THE TIME. 
     I love you all. 

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Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Luke 24:5-6

You guys read the scriptures right?...

     First things first, do you read the scriptures I put at the end of my letters?? They change and they are ones that I like that I read during the week in my studies; they help me and I feel they will help you too!
     We are now allowed to play Futból in the mission!! YEAH, we played today and it was fun! I hope it lasts! 
     This week has been great, with our visits we are really seeing progress in those whom we teach! More coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, praying. We have some interesting situations here, but all are things we can work with and nothing is impossible with the Lord. We know three investigators (I say 'know' because one is, for the time being, no longer an investigator) that are pregnant, two of which could give birth anytime and are due in these coming weeks. The other has two months to go. They are all great and it's interesting to the differences in each of them, especially with them being pregnant and all =) I know that once they give birth they will be that much closer to the presence of the Spirit. I know it will help. 
     The temple was another goal for us and a milestone for those we teach, they had great experiences and I love teaching them! 
     With the 15th coming up there are tons of flags and things around, I'm excited because I'll be here for the celebration still, I think I'll finally be leaving in this next transfer, but we'll see. 
     Does Coppel exist in the US....? It's great and I have found some awsome stuff there. 
     ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Best thing of the week!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why, but when it comes to talking about where I am from and the new Elder. Elder Olson, who is from Mona, Utah. The people have been asking if we are menonitas....HAHAHa AMISH!!!! Where does that from! HAHA oh the things people think. 
     Well I love you all!!! Sorry I don't have really much to say, I'll be better next week!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Philemon 1:4-6

What a week!

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     This week was short, but packed full!! Tuesday was interesting and we had some great lessons. We walked a lot too, all over. It was interesting to talk with a sister who feeds us, her husband is not a member, but is practically a member of the Masons....the Masons have a building here in the city. It's not huge like the one in Juneau, but it's an ok building. We are working with this sister's kids right now, who she wants to go on missions. One is part way there, the other no so much, but we're getting there. They are really good kids and they could be a great help to the ward, but they live far away and don't have a lot of support. 
     Wednesday we had interviews with the President early in the morning and Elder Arcela and I went first. I really like the interviews, they make me feel good. I was first and we spent a good portion of time talking, then when I was done I went with the Zone Leaders to play Jeopardy and that was tough! I am still learning things and the satisfaction of having things memorized =). After that We practiced a Ward Council meeting.......hahaha yeah.....I had the role of Bishop there, it was interesting and eye-opening. Afterwards we went with the Assistents and had a good lesson with them about how to best use our planners. Haha we had some good exercises and demonstrations. After that we went to eat and they called us to let us know that one of the assistents would be staying with us and we needed to go pick him up at the church. Elder Flores went with us to a few visits and some lessons and we helped a part member family (the dad) with some manual labor =) I always like to see and learn from the other Elders, their teaching styles and they way they involve the investigators. Our final lesson of the day was super difficult, no one would commit to even reading a verse of the Book of Mormon. Then did and another. What was interesting is that the first person hadn't even been there the whole time. But from what we've taught and the end was a very large difference and it was cool to see happen. Hearts softening.
     Thursday was good, we had to drop off Elder Flores early at the church and that was hard because here in Valles we really need our sleep, but it was good because we got a little head start on the day. We have our weekly planning and meeting with the mission leader on Thursdays so the day feels even shorter, but we get things done.
    Friday we ate very well!! Tacos rojos! Tasty. We had good lessons and are always finding out more about how to help the members and non-members. 
     Saturday, that was the day the rain started. There is a Hurricane and right now half of Veracruz (city) is underwater. The day was hotter because it didn't rain all day and the vapor makes it worse!!!
     Sunday was full of rain. Sundays are hard here, we don't look for less actives or past investigators because almost everyone is drunk and it's hard, because everyone leaves on visits. But thankfully the Lord puts people in our way and in our minds to teach and help. 
     Today has been very rainy as well. We haven't done much, but we have had a blast, a good and needed bout of relaxation and fun. I have some great photos from this week, but not a lot of time. 
     I love you all and I love the scriptures. They teach me more and more of how Christ loved and taught, served and sacrificed. They help me love Him more as I get to know him better. He lives. and I feel like Nephi with my pillow wet with tears when these people refuse us and this Gospel, all that they can have and they just don't want to know it, don't want to change. I love them anyway. 
Too all a fantastic week, don't miss me too much!!

Matthew 10:22
--Elder Gonzalez
 -Warrior for the Lord-

A lot of love

   I really do just love all of you. This week was a crazy one =) haha I can barely think of how it all fit in one week!! It was a plethora of experiences that I will never forget from the power or lack thereof that was felt in each moment. 
     I would like to first ask you to thank Sister Bridget Fielding for her letter as well as her CTR-4 class, I appreciated it =) AND while you're at it, I don't remember if I asked you to thank the Robinson's for their letter as well (a long while back). 
     We had some crazy and unreal experiences this week. I will not go into much detail, but when I mean crazy and unreal it's probably not so much in the way you're thinking. Tuesday we had a FHE for the ward, well it was ok, the point of having it was to try and have investigators and less actives invited by them, the members, and they were all up and ready saying they had someone, when not a single-one of them had someone....poop. But it was still good for those in attendance and Hermana Yola, mission leader's wife, made some awesome Zacahuile!! So good =) We have had some success in finding some new investigators, but the lessons are far in-between which isn't so great for us... Elder Arcela is helping me in a lot of different ways, that help me in the way I teach and to be able to help those we teach feel more confortable with us, in the way that they know we are there for them not for the lesson. 
     Friday to Saturday we had divisions (exchanges) where I was with Elder Olson. We were invited last minute, 20 minutes after it started, to a FHE in the home of a family where the were also celebrating a birthday. We gave the message. Well I gave the message and Elder Olsen helped a little =) he's doing better than I was when I got here. It was good, more people like me now because I talk more. Haha it's easier for me to smile and laugh because I can express myself more efficiently and with the right words. I trained in the morning! =) That was cool! I think I did well =) We had some good experiences in the lessons we had throughout the day. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY we, Elder Olsen and I, were saved from diarrhea =) haha 
     Sundays are always special, this one was no exception. 
     Well that is all I really have to say about this week, it was full of many things but much of it was little and to detailed, but no worries I have a journal. I love you all and please give Marvin a hug for me!! LOVE YOU!!!


Elder Gonzalez

     -Warrior for the Lord-
Matthew 5:19

Sorry no time

Sorry this one will be short. I love you all!! Done.

Little note: my cute brother does this. I personally don't mind because I know how much time you DON'T have as a missionary, especially on Preparation day. Maybe he'll get better but I wouldn't hold my breath. (My poor mom)

Transfers! August 5

Well I'm still here in Valles. But my companion is going to Mante, about two hours north of Valles, but he has to go all the way to Tampico and then to Mante because we don't travel alone and he was the only one from our zone going to Mante. My companion will be Elder Arcela from Peru. Only one Elder in my zone has met him/heard of him, he's newish as well, so this will be interesting. This past week was good, it went by really fast, and with the slight stress that came from the baptism and making sure everything went well, all is very relaxed. We have prospective investigators and they seem promising and show interest! As well as they are the references of Recent Converts they are members that we can take, or be in their houses so we can teach them! So great!! 
     The baptismal service was great. We had to move from the room with the font to the chapel because there were so many people, about 60. The talks went well and all that we had planned and also that was a surprise to us (surprise special number). For the service a sister who plays the piano came and she played which made things so much better!! Emmanuel's mom and older brother were present and supportive of his decision to be baptized. And they felt the spirit, but we'll see of they have gain the desire to know more in time. 
     The week went by very quickly and we need to find more people to teach, the thing is they are there, we just need to have actual contact with them! They are so close, but far as well, the only bad thing coming is school starting again. I never really thought of school as an obstacle, but here it is because we have the RCs that are still studying, their references too, as well we have investigators that are in school or are teachers, and that puts everyone at the same time available for visits and leaves us with virtually nothing in the start and majority of the day. We will find!!
      There are many amazing things that I have seen in these few months I have been in Valles and the real one for me is the change I have seen in myself. But I am more grateful for the change I have seen in others. I know that it is not me or my words that touches their hearts, but the truthfulness of the message and the Holy Spirit testifying to their hearts that they need this Gospel. I still struggle in being clear with the message. But there is a message in the Liahona that I know can and will help me. I have struggles with teaching in the form that the questions we as are more effective and allow them to truly learn. I will learn first =).
     This Sunday was fantastic with the testimonies. We had people at church that haven't been in years or really haven't shown interest, but were there to hear the testimonies (Reminds me a little of Brigham Young and his conversion). I know that they are always very special Sundays, but boy do they need support to know what a testimony really is and that they don't need to cry to be sincere. AHH I was so glad that all of our recent converts will be going to the Temple this month!! They go once a month on the last Saturday and with some we had been struggling to get them to want to go. But what has helped a lot is Family History! A lot!! So great. Any way that's all I have for right now, we'll have some adventures this next week. =) Love you all!! 

Elder Gonzalez 
   -Warrior for the Lord-
D&C 93:28

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mother's Day Call

So trying to call was more difficult than it should have been!!! But it was great to talk with most of you!! Especially my parents!! To be truthful, I don´t miss anyone very much, but it´s a good thing, because I don´t feel home sick in any way. That day it got up to 45 degrees!! CELSIUS, that is 113 degrees fahrenheit......I was dripping. But it started raining yesterday and it has been on and off today (but mostly on). On the day of my birthday it was work as usual, and I was glad it was that way. We all know how I feel about my birthday, but out here it´s not about me!! Haha all throughout the week, and a little while before, we had members and investigators offering to have us over to eat or do things all birthday like...yeah, no. It was a fairly good day. We taught a few lessons, but as of late, most of our appointments are falling and I don´t like it!! Because we have members with us!! and then they have to go back home because we use other members to teach the other investigators, who then in turn are NOT HOME!!! AHHHHHHHH. But it´s ok, I walk a lot, my legs are getting stronger. =) I really don´t have too much to talk about, because a lot of things fell, because of the rain and other things.
     Sunday was pretty good! We saw 10 less-actives at church and about five of them are less-less-actives, so great! and then we had an investigator at church who we thought was giving up on us!! That was fantastic!! We had two appointments fall through, but we were able to teach Carlos! He is great, he wants to change and he asks a lot of questions about what we do and don´t do. His mom was over but was resting and she is a Jehovah´s witness so I think he was thinking a lot about the things they do. He doesn´t feel super comfortable praying and asks us (the missionaries or member) to pray at the end instead of him. BUT I expressed to him that, we pray a lot and love to pray, but we want him to feel comfortable praying, speaking with his Heavenly Father, expressing himself; I told him that we can pray for him, but he is the only one that knows the things his heart desires to share with the Lord, the things he needs and wants. And then he also will receive the blessings that come from prayer and making that relationship stronger. Then he prayed =).  After the lesson with him, we helped a sister who had moved maybe an hour earlier, move the appliances and other heavy stuff around in her new place. It didn´t seems like we would be doing much, but it was worth it. She was very grateful and I´m glad we were able to help! After that our final planned appointment fell and we treid two other people, that weren´t home and then just decided to call it and plan for the following day, the rain wasn´t helpful either. The roads here in Valles vary. Paved to dirt to cobbled to roads with enormous pot holes....haha it´s fun getting around in the rain. The buses are all packed today.
     If I am thinking correctly about how many weeks it´s been since I left the MTC I think the Elders I was with for about four hours in the beginner´s class should be arriving this week!! I liked those Elders!! And I´m excited for them!! I think there were two of three elders that are supposed to be arriving hereWednesday. But we just had our exchanges and I don´t think anyone is training in our area. Dumb! Anywho that´s all I have to say really....This church is the one and only true church, it was restored by a prophet of God named Joseph Smith. We have The Book of Mormon that is another testament of Jesus Christ and it is a translated (by Joseph Smith through the power of God) record from the prophets of old that resisded in the Americas. This Book is true and when you read it, ponder it´s teachings, and pray in faith to know it is true you WILL receive and answer. We are truly children of our Father in Heaven and He has given us these truths so that we may know true joy is this life. I love Him and I love my Savior Jesus Christ, through His loving sacrifice, the Atonement we can be clean and free of all sin. This life is a life of learning and loving and teaching. May we stay on the path that is true and strong and full of love. I love you all!!

June 3, 2013

Sorry for being horrible at this! Major updates coming your way. Thanks for supporting our fantastic missionary!

So today in my study I learned that we ought not to say that phrase that is my subject. For reference see 2 nephi 28 =) Interesting thoughts. So this last week was not as great as it could have been work wise, but there are also reason for it. Monday nights we have Noche de Hogar and we taught as well. It was about agency and I was playing the part of Lucifer for a bit. I was good at it, better than I expected and I feel that until I explained the members thought ill of me...hahah oh well. I am definitely getting better with my Spanish, but I type faster in English, so that's how that goes. At times in my journal I read and see that I switch from English to Spanish and back. Tuesday was great lesson wise. We tough two investigators and recent converts as well. One of the investigators is finally progressing the way she should be =) Her name is Dulce and she is VERY pregnant, and she read and prayed =) So great, the lesson went really well! The only downside is that we only visit her once a week because of how things work with her family. Wednesday we did virtually nothing! We have our district meeting on Wednesday and then we came back to the church after we ate for interviews with Presidente Jordan. We watched a video on how to use the videos they have for leadership training that was actually a culmination of 9 vidoes, but it was ALL FANTASTIC!!! I love vidoes, although it was weird for me in Spanish. We watched the video after Hermana Jordan spoke about health and how we ought to use any spare money. She's great =) My interview with the Presidente was short but good =) I'm pretty sure Elder Oliveros and I will be together until I'm done with my 12 weeks training, which is in this next transfer. After that we'll be able to focus even more time of the day to the work!!! Although after the 12 weeks I'm expected to be able to train, so I have some work to do!!!! Thursday fell apart for us, but we feel that we know why. I have written in my planner 2 Nephi 14:5-6, I can't remember what it says and I don't have time to look it up, so all I can say....ope! I remembered. It's the Isaiah chapter I can't remember which one...but it says something that I hadn't understood, but I feel that it speaks of temples and/or Holy places, but more Temples. As a place of refuge in the last days, I was thinking of it more literally, but do not know if it is in fact literal. I would like your thoughts. Friday was great too!! We utilized the plans we had made for other lessons, but we used it! and it was what they needed to hear. Saturday was great, we taught Carlos and he really tests us as messengers of God, he tests us in praise. When he attempts to praise us we ONLY PRASE GOD. And he has never met people like us. We are working on him to get to church, he feels unprepared and we feel that we need to take him on a tour of the church and to meet some more members before he'll come. Sunday was interesting. They are prepary EFY here for the youth and some people came to help train the youth leaders and their leaders on how things need to work. We had the VERY FIRST family history class!! but missionaries don't fit in the room, there are four of us, and they will take everyone with them where we now have to be in the Gospel Doctrine class, but from what I witnessed yesterday, they need us in there. Today has been very good, I bought a backpack =) I like it. My shoulder bag is great but a hastle at times. I didn't realize that it's meant for people taller than me =) haha if I was taller it would work very well. But for now I will use it less often. 
     I love you all and I know that we do have so many leaders for a reason. But that they are ALL called of God. We need to strive more for action and help those who struggle to accept and act, with love and patience. We can all do what is asked of us, and when we need help, AND WE'LL NEED HELP, all we need to do is ask. The Lord knows our trials and he knows how we can overcome them. He WILL help us. His hands are outstretched to us. I love you.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Brett was able to send a little message when he arrived to the mission home in Tampico with President and Sister Jordan.

Hello Parents!! I'm here at the mission home and I am feeling very well. I have eaten and am here with President and Hermana Jordan, a new Elder from Honduras, and the Assistants to the President. I will be going to my apartment later to meet my new companions and then it will be off to the work!! I love you!

Estas son las fotos de Elder Gonzalez junto a los Presidentes de la Mision Mexico Tampico.  Estamos muy animados de poder tener a su hijo en esta mission, sera una gran bendicion en esta mission los esfuerzos que El haga, esperamos que siempre puedan seguir apoyandole en todo.
Elder Castro y Elder Agren

[This is a picture] of Elder Gonzalez with the mission Presidents of the Mexico Tampico Mission. We are very excited to have your son in this mission. He will be a great blessing to our mission and all the effort he will put in. We hope that you will be able to continue supporting him in everything he does. 
-Elder Castro and Elder Agren (Assistants to the President)

So cute. His letters to the family will be put together to update y'all about his first full week in a HOT HOT area in Mexico! Please contact me here or on facebook if you need his email. I'd rather not post it publicly. I'll get his snail mail address up ASAP :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 2 of the MTC

So Elder Gonzalez sent this Friday, April 12, on his P-day very excited to be heading out the mission field. Saturday, April 13, Mom and Dad Gonzalez got a phone nice and early in the morning (7:30am) saying that the 'mission' isn't ready so he'll be staying in the MTC ONE MORE WEEK.....I'm sure he's a little bummed but one week won't hurt him. Maybe the food will ;)

     I leave for Mexico on Monday the 15th at 3:00 AM!!! AHHHH All by my lonesome!! Well I'm the only one that will be going to Tampico....All the other Elders are going to Mexico City, East and Northwest missions. Which reminds me, the other day (Tuesday) I went to the Consulate with these same missionaries. I had heard about the trip about five minutes AFTER I was supposed to be on the bus. They waited for me but I was booking it to the travel office, and my classroom is all the way on the other side of the campus (it's not really that far)! I grabbed my ticket and ran to the bus as well. Little did I know that the Elders, seeing me in my frantic rush, decided that they were going to pretend like I was in the wrong place!! Haha, I went onto the bus and they asked me where I was going. I said Mexico and they said "oh, we're going to New Zealand......" as my head hung down in UTTER disappointment, they all shouted out "NAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Those punks. Haha It was good though, There were some fine Elders in that group! We got back to the MTC just in time to get there for the devotional for Gerald N. Lund, it was pretty fantastic. On Sunday After conference the devotional was held for Vocal Point and that was really cool!!!
     I love you all and I know that this church is true! I have been teaching "investigators," all in spanish, and I am getting better every time. My companion is very patient with me and all the elders help me with my spanish when I need it, which is a lot! When we bring the spirit into our lives it makes them so much better, when we remember our purpose it makes life much more bearable, and when we remember who we are we love one another with a closer knowledge of how our Heavenly Father loves each of us.
     I went to the temple this morning and it was GREAT! I really needed it, because even though we have have absolutely fantastic companionship inventory and great meetings and such as a district, we all needed to feel the peace of the temple!!
    I love the Lord and He has strengthened me so much!! I am definitely getting better speaking spanish and my companions and teachers help me SO much! This Gospel is TRUE and I am going to work as hard as I can to let every ear hear the call of repentance from the Lord, whom I represent. Until my preparation day in MEXICO!!! LOVE! -Elder Gonzalez

He's a cutie and one more week gives us a chance to make sure he's totally ready. And to send him treats via same-day delivery. He's got cinnamon rolls on his way to him tomorrow :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 1 of the MTC

From the image above, you can see that my little brother Brett has been ready to serve the Lord since he was a wee babe. Now he has been set apart to be a missionary to serve the people of Tampico, Mexico in the spanish language.
I think his MTC Preparation Day is Saturday because I received his email right before the morning session of LDS General Conference. To see the highlights of Conference, check out that link!

Mom has this countdown.... I can't say I'm a fan.
But just so you know, family feels the time go by like an eternity. His friends and neighbors feel like two years go by in a blink! 

Here's his overview of his first few days in the Missionary Training Center:

Hey I was accidentally placed into the beginner class when I got here!! SO my PO Box is NOT 218 it is now 209!! Please and thank you!!! My companion is Elder Moreno and I and he were called as the zone leaders! There are seven Elders and eight Sisters. We have a trio obviously, but it was new. Oour classroom is so full!! Our teachers are fantastic! Hermana Casares and Hermano Wilkes are very good at what they do (the teachers). My Branch Presidency is fantastic and really appreciate them. So far all of the Elders in our district are very obedient and this I love because of the blessings we have all received the closeness we have as a District and the opportunities we have to better ourselves here so that we may become even better in the Field. Let everyone know that the only way I will write them is if they write me first, not for selfish reasons, but because I have no addresses or emails memorized except my own!!! General Conference is going to be so AMAZING!!!! I am so excited to hear from our Beloved Prophet President Thomas S. Monson!!!!!!!!!!! OOH something really cool is that Elder Martinez is from Puerto Rico and he didn´t have the chance to get endowed before he came. He is in the Trio so they were all able to go to the temple yesterday afternoon! Of all the missionaries in my district I am the only one going foreign from here! Everyone else is going stateside. Some are going to New York, others to Florida, some to Idaho, and many are staying here in Provo. My companion is going to Ogden! He was born in Mexico, was raised in Georgia (the state), and has been in Orem for that past two years! I think it´s safe to say that he was very surprised that he would be serving in Ogden. Any way I don´t have much time left so I need to finish up here. Let everyone know that I love them and that I love the Savior! They only way I have been able to function so far is due to the companionship of the spirit and a very fine and patient companion here. I really do love this gospel and I cannot wait until I am able to preach with extreme confidence in Spanish!! I know that the only way I will progress is when I do my part and I have been doing my best to be meeting the ends in which the Lord can take over. ENJOY CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps My companion is sick and so we needed to leave the MTC and go get some medicine for him and when we did that after dinner yesterday I saw Brother Wald (one of the previous teachers I had for Mission Prep) and he was very happy and excited to see me! Haha it was pretty cool!!! I have been able to see many of the Elders and Sisters that I know here and it has been great to see them before they head out and see their progression in language and such!

Isn't he the best? Zone leader?! I'm not surprised except I remember my time in the MTC and I'd really like to hear how this came about to be a newbie zone leader...
Well, I'll keep you up to date as I get his emails and updates. Huge thanks go out to everyone for your prayers and support in his behalf!