Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mother's Day Call

So trying to call was more difficult than it should have been!!! But it was great to talk with most of you!! Especially my parents!! To be truthful, I don´t miss anyone very much, but it´s a good thing, because I don´t feel home sick in any way. That day it got up to 45 degrees!! CELSIUS, that is 113 degrees fahrenheit......I was dripping. But it started raining yesterday and it has been on and off today (but mostly on). On the day of my birthday it was work as usual, and I was glad it was that way. We all know how I feel about my birthday, but out here it´s not about me!! Haha all throughout the week, and a little while before, we had members and investigators offering to have us over to eat or do things all birthday like...yeah, no. It was a fairly good day. We taught a few lessons, but as of late, most of our appointments are falling and I don´t like it!! Because we have members with us!! and then they have to go back home because we use other members to teach the other investigators, who then in turn are NOT HOME!!! AHHHHHHHH. But it´s ok, I walk a lot, my legs are getting stronger. =) I really don´t have too much to talk about, because a lot of things fell, because of the rain and other things.
     Sunday was pretty good! We saw 10 less-actives at church and about five of them are less-less-actives, so great! and then we had an investigator at church who we thought was giving up on us!! That was fantastic!! We had two appointments fall through, but we were able to teach Carlos! He is great, he wants to change and he asks a lot of questions about what we do and don´t do. His mom was over but was resting and she is a Jehovah´s witness so I think he was thinking a lot about the things they do. He doesn´t feel super comfortable praying and asks us (the missionaries or member) to pray at the end instead of him. BUT I expressed to him that, we pray a lot and love to pray, but we want him to feel comfortable praying, speaking with his Heavenly Father, expressing himself; I told him that we can pray for him, but he is the only one that knows the things his heart desires to share with the Lord, the things he needs and wants. And then he also will receive the blessings that come from prayer and making that relationship stronger. Then he prayed =).  After the lesson with him, we helped a sister who had moved maybe an hour earlier, move the appliances and other heavy stuff around in her new place. It didn´t seems like we would be doing much, but it was worth it. She was very grateful and I´m glad we were able to help! After that our final planned appointment fell and we treid two other people, that weren´t home and then just decided to call it and plan for the following day, the rain wasn´t helpful either. The roads here in Valles vary. Paved to dirt to cobbled to roads with enormous pot holes....haha it´s fun getting around in the rain. The buses are all packed today.
     If I am thinking correctly about how many weeks it´s been since I left the MTC I think the Elders I was with for about four hours in the beginner´s class should be arriving this week!! I liked those Elders!! And I´m excited for them!! I think there were two of three elders that are supposed to be arriving hereWednesday. But we just had our exchanges and I don´t think anyone is training in our area. Dumb! Anywho that´s all I have to say really....This church is the one and only true church, it was restored by a prophet of God named Joseph Smith. We have The Book of Mormon that is another testament of Jesus Christ and it is a translated (by Joseph Smith through the power of God) record from the prophets of old that resisded in the Americas. This Book is true and when you read it, ponder it´s teachings, and pray in faith to know it is true you WILL receive and answer. We are truly children of our Father in Heaven and He has given us these truths so that we may know true joy is this life. I love Him and I love my Savior Jesus Christ, through His loving sacrifice, the Atonement we can be clean and free of all sin. This life is a life of learning and loving and teaching. May we stay on the path that is true and strong and full of love. I love you all!!

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