Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Short again

February 10, 2014

GOOD WEEK!!!!! Had splits, that was fun I learned a lot that I always learn and forget to put in practice, it's hard with these ''young Elder'' they still don't really know how to teach the way we need to, and my companion is one of those who needs more time before he will take in what I am trying to show him and the way WE ought to be teaching. We're getting there. I love you all. We had good experiences this week, finding new investigators, putting baptismal dates in the first lessons with them, getting our progressing investigators to the church to partake in the experience of a baptism, getting them to church the next day. It was a show. 
     Getting them to understand the need of doing and fulfilling everything. It's all good, and getting better, we are seeing the progress in some the difficulties they are overcoming, the other difficulties and needs and experiences of the others, the stumbling blocks and misunderstandings. Clarifying.Teaching, reteaching. Love. It's great. 
     His arm looks pretty bad, but they way it happened was so funny. I am an eagle scout at heart. Boy scout blood, it's in me. 
     I have just had a great week, and President will come on Thursday for interviews, it will be great!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Helaman 12:1

Hi, um...yeah

February 3, 2014

So I didn't think how little time I would have left. I replied to all who wrote me. Family. And now I don't have time for much. Miracels. strengthening of testimony, and just plain Spiritual experiences. This week was tough, but not in a way I expected. I have seen the need for some things, changes in what I am doing. The biggest thing for me is the fact that We totally were an answer to a prayer, and they were very much in need, we just need them to have all their family accept us, the missionaries, once more in their home. I Love you alll!!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
1 Nephi 5:21 COMPARE 1Nephi8:10-12


January 27, 2014

  So this week went by very quickly, I always appreciate the good times and the fast times, I know I don't want the time to go away, but like the saying goes, ''time flies when you're having fun.'' Although we can very much change this to the Lord blesses you in your afflictions. We all afflict ourselves too much for time wasted and even time well spent. We can always use time MORE wisely, but we need to recognize and learn from that we may have used unwisely to grow and live more efficiently. 
     We have been doing well this week, but I have a lot of work to do. With even more reiteration with the Area Plan from the 70, I have my eyes opened and seen all that I need to do, I have seen the changes in myself, that have been so necessary, as well. I am glad for changes and the opportunity to start fresh. Something I had realized is that I had not been smiling and not trying to make people smile. I remember trying all the time to make sure that I had helped make people smile, and doing it again, just smiling and making eye contact with those I greet in the street. It makes my whole day better. I know that there is no way that the Lord would look at anyone without trying to make them smile, so I can't do anything less. 
     I have work to do here to with the members and the ward council, I like making those connections so it will be a good way to use our time as well. We have a WARD where right now the regular attendance is we have plenty of work to do here. 
     We had a zone conference this Friday and it was really good, I liked it a lot and learned from the presentation as well as by personal revelation, things so very needed for me to work more effectively in this time. Like I have mentioned before, we spoke about the fact that the work of salvation is NOT going away, this is our work now, and until we can understand it the way the Lord would have us understand it we can live it and help others live it. We have all now been welcomed to the apostolic work, I say apostolic with a lower-case 'A' because we are not called by God to be Apostles, be have been called to the Apostolic work. I love this time I have, I am learning so much and making changes in myself and seeing how the Lord could love us all so much. I just weep with Nefi and with President Thomas S. Monson to see so many children reject God's blessings, especially those who have tasted so much of his love to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and then reject all more that can come to them. 

I love you all and I hope that you receive the strength you need and allow it to come in the way it may. I know that this is His work and he has chosen me to be here, now. 
     ¡¡¡¡¡¡ I received the package =)!!!!!!! Thank you muchly!!!! We are very well prepared now with the mini copies of the Book of Mormon!!!!! and all the candy that will last centuries =) 
     I am loving all of the Bible videos, I listen to them while I write, I love it!!!!
     I am going to be weird when I get home, but it will be the new me, so you'll all have to get used to it =) haha I love you all!!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Helaman 12:1


January 21, 2013

 So like I mentioned last week we had the possibility of transferring the both of us to put sisters in our area, four of them. Yeah that happened. We helped prepare the other house and that was stressful, along with leaving our house spotless. Making sure the area book was good and that our investigators would know we were leaving. It was a good area with good people, I will miss it dearly. Last week felt so long, I didn't sleep to much at the end for all that we had to do. President had told us Thursday that we would both be leaving and then Saturday let us know where we would be going. 
     I am now in El Mante, Tamaulipas with Elder Allsup from Herriman, Utah; we are in barrio Monterrey. His Spanish is so-so =) haha this will be fun. So far the area seems good and we have all the necessities and it will just take a little getting used to for a while.
     Elder Lima came here with me to another ward, barrio Morelos.
     We worked a lot and had some good times. 
     I never know what to say, especially right now. I can't remember what I was doing two days ago it is all a big jumble. I just remember cleaning and meetings with our ward mission leader, a capacitative meeting with a few of the ward council members (all were supposed to be there), and lessons. We walked a lot and did some street contacts, I'm getting better at it now. 
     Time is going by so quickly! I know you all have it counted, but I don't even think about it even though everyone always asks. The only reason the time matters for me, is if I'm wasting it. I have learned to love this time so much to learn how to use it better and better every day. Thinking about it now, all of the church commercials, ''family, isn't it about, time.'' What a great way to think about time, like the saying for many families, to spend these two years from my family, to give others the hope, the understanding, and to show them the way to be with their families for eternity. What an absolutely great use of time. THAT my family is what the work of salvation is, our examples ought to be that of going out of our way to help others come to know and remember this great use of time we have to learn and make the covenants with God, and the relationships with our families that will last for all eternities. 
     The fact that I am writing right now means nothing, just that we didn't have time yesterday. I always appreciate your messages when I get them. As of yet I have not gotten the Christmas package. These are the updates of my week. 
     I love you all. I know that I am changing into what my Heavenly Father needs me to become, I can feel His love oh so powerfully and His warm arms as He lifts me when I feel faint or am falling and will be eternally grateful for such truth in my life. 
     Until next week my dear family. I wish to hear from all of you. There are not many weeks where every single one of you has written. But I don't mind, I understand that you are too busy. 

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Jacob 3:1-2


January 13, 2014

Well, this was an interesting day. 
     My companion and I went to play soccer in the morning and that was fun =) We then went to help the Brother who will be renting the second house for the sisters and got a copy of the keys. After that he took to lunch =) yum, tortas. Then we went to speak with President Jordan and confirm the keys and details of the house with him. 
     I love President Jordan, he is very organized and works very well with us here and just has a way with motivating me to do and be better. We spoke with him for about an hour or so and it was very helpful. Haha about half way through our little talk he mentioned that a house that was going to be for sisters on another area wasn't working out and wa not going to be habitable for them when they come. So he will most likely be giving them our house. =) haha that was a surprise, but not so much, I actually felt that something like that was going to happen! So it looks like the both of us will be packing up and moving out!! 
     We have been workign better and I have been working harder, coming out of my comfort zone and letting the joy of the life that comes from the knowledge of the truth overcome the fear of being rejected or something of the sort. 
     I love you all and I know that we can all work harder and learn more. I know I don't write much, but what can you do. 
With the changes in the Stake Presidency, thank you for letting me know Papa. =) You all are always in my prayers. 

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Jacob 1:19


January 6, 2014

Yeah new years here is weird, maybe cooler maybe not, I don't know...but there are tons of fireworks and more of just noise!! Try staying asleep with that, I think not!  Any way, still with everyone out of town the week was a fairly good one. Still working on the preparations for the Sisters that will be sharing the ward with us. 
     With the new year and the new hour for church there were plenty of people at church yesterday, and it's weird to think that we really can have a better relationship with less active members than the active ones who have known them forever. With five minutes of talking we are already having them offer us help, when not ten minutes before they were making excuses to not have a home teaching assignment. Slowly but surely these things will change! New people, not too many to talk to, they all get bundled up and lazy me with my measly sweater thinking the the weather is great! Haha =) it's all good. 
     It feels really good to be helping future Elders prepare to enter the field and also just prepare them to prepare for a mission, them and their families. They look to us and we know it, so we have to be, not just good, but better if not best; in all aspects too.
     I am pretty sure all of the taxi drivers in Madero and Tampico have had contact with missionaries. And sad bunch of liars they are, giving us phony addresses....=( it feels rotten. And even those houses, if they exist, the people don't accept us.
     This week we had our zone meeting, and it really helped. One Elder, Elder Cutler W. said something that really helped me in context of street contacts, ''it´s not getting over your fear of talking to them, it's remembering and helping them to realize that what you have will change their live for the best,''  something like that, and I liked that, I realized that I think about myself too much and that's really my problem right now. The choices I make need to be for others. I have spent about three hours, these past two days, now focused on how to better understand and teach Endure to the end to everyone and I have been able to tear apart several scriptures to put them in perspective. They are amazing and I will never again think of enduring to the end the same way. I listen to the conference talks every other morning and find something new for me or for those we teach every time, I love it. Part of my patriarchal blessing mentions the importance of daily scripture study and so do many other resources I have found this week. I realized i haven't been truly studying, not the way I ought to have been all this time. Now I feel so strangely peaceful, so still. Clear minded. Focused. That's what it does for me, and I need it. I love Nefi and his love for clarity and the plainess of the scriptures, and now I understand it. 
     I can't think of anything more right now, but I love you all!!
 Suzette Happy birthday on Sunday!! Love you!

MAma-The Introducction to the pearl of great price in spanish uses the word Asequible =)

Elder Gonzalez 
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Mathew 10:22

More of Christ, CHRIST-mas

December 30, 2013

First of all, forgive me for not remembering at the time of the call to wish my wonderful father a happy birthday! (cantando las mañanitas) 
     This week was the longest week of my time here in the zone. 
Thank you for always taking us to Savior of the World or the Forgotten Carols. Being here and now and all that I have come to understand, helps me to appreciate these works of art and love, that demonstrate the True meaning of Chrismas. 
     Christmas here was the weirdest and all because it just didn't feel like Christmas, there aren't many decorations, and the people aren't the same here, the feeling isn't as infectious as it should. 
     All-in-all, it was a good experience and in certain aspects has helped me change and grow. Seeing as my choices arewhat matter to making things the way they should be. 
     There are struggles to live and mountains to climb, for myself and as a ward with activities that have no purpose and will not take place until they have the missionary purpose. =) haha oh the fun we have had with this subject. 
     We are receiving help and references from many memebers and there are more who are trusting us and inviting us into there home to help them become more capacitated in the work we are to continue as a church. We are constantly making foward motions and progress is important to document and update. 
    I am honestly struggling a little bit right now. It's hard and I need to change my attitude about some things and make the efforts to include all that has been assigned to us and to remember why it was given to us and by whom. There are moments like right now, where I feel completely apathetic, I feel nothing and have no excitement. But I know why it happens and from whom it comes. The adversary is always trying to tear us down, and we can not let him! Apathy, laziness, anger, lust, all that comes from him is evil and to be overcome; it is overcome by obedience, diligence, patience, love, charity, peace. I am constantly needing to remember Him, Our Savior, and all that we can to to become like Him. I have things that I need to get in my mind and make them stick, replace any bad with the good, the light, the perfection that emanates from His everlasting hands; the hands that, if we let them, will continually be picking us up and taking us higher, molding us into who we need to become. His perfectly loving hands. Pierced for us, pierced for me.
     I love you.

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
2 Nephi 30:17-18

Family: It will be Christmas

December 16, 2013

   Hey there, ho there, how do you do?
     LISTEN UP!!.....READ UP! 
  I will be SKYPING  25 December 2013, from cyber cafe located in Madero, Tamaulipas, at approximately 10-10:30 MST this is your clock Family. This will be the window in which I will attempt to start the call. I have my account information, but seeing as there may be problems ALL of you, but mostly dad, be aware of your emails, ok?! I won't have much time, so I won't be able to wait for one of you to show up. This is not MY time. I love you all and most certainly hope you will all be there, yes this does include my new Cuñado, Suzette's Taylor McMuffin.....yeah I don't know.....I just said it. 
     For me the time will be 11-11:30. So I will be quick to get there and be all pretty looking and stuff. 
     MY DEAR PARENTSSSS, how could I forget, or maybe I didn't. But I am pretty sure that as of yet I have not said, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! That was totally in November and I am sorry to be late. 

     This past Saturday Cielo, our 9 year old investigator was baptized =) what a wonderful day that was, but unfortunately she was a little late and the water got all cold, plus the boiler sucks so it wasn't too warm to start off. 
Other than that the week, was pretty normal. We had the meeting with Elder De Hoyos and Elder Mendoza, with our ward councils and almost half the mission's missionaries (lots of Sisters). This week will be our Christmas devotional as missionaries and that will be fun and spiritual all it can be with five zones all together....=) Chaos. 
     This week was windy and rainy and cold and just so much fun and not fun. Weather that would be great and cool if it wasn't the weather here!!! Haha it has been good anyway.
     I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week and a fantastic wait!!

(Did anyone catch Brett's Princess Diarries reference? Just in case you didn't know where the cheer came from.)  

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
James 4:7-8a 

The Work of Salvation and Ward Council

December 9, 2013

     Hello my dearest family,
  All I can really say is what a wonderful time of the year it is, such a change of pace and Spirit.
     This Wednesday we will be having a meeting with our ward councils and Elder De Hoyos. =) 
      As for the big question, I will be making the call, more likely a skype call,  hopefully before 3 pm MST.  I Have an account and I have the information, my father sent them to me as of a long time ago. =) no worries there. We still haven't planned it out yet, but we will have the information next week all set for you ok?? I will most likely be in a cyber café considering that the churches here have super problems with their internet.....=) The call won't  be too long, likely 40 minutes. PLEASE EVERYONE BE THERE. You all say you miss me, but this is where we see for real =) haha love you all. 
     I was able to attend the devotional, but only because we took an investigator. He is finally receiving the  support from the ward he needs. We have a problem of La Virgen de Guadalupe with him, but he himself is finding the answer to that question. 
    This Saturday the 14th is the Baptism of Cielo, 9 year old, that we have been teaching. 
    It's a new transfer, and we will be staying the same, maybe we will get two more missionaries in the ward, but the member whose home we are going to be renting has not  be in reach for the past week....... it may be sisters, maybe not, there are too many changes to right  now to focus on everything and it is really hard to remember, even with our planners. 
      We have seen much success with the  example of our Bishop and other ward memebers helping us find and prepare investigators!! So great!!!
     I love you all, I have not much to say for what I do not remember, and I forgot my other planner.
    But I remember what I have felt this past week. Starting with the Elder's quorum lesson. Relating it to Ether 12:32-33  Charity which all persons mentioned in chapter 20 had in their own time. Willingness to give their life for the world. Such a wonderful testimony to me. I have never felt the Spirit testify to my heart so much than when I myself am testifying of a principle or plain truth . My Savior lives. I love Him, and as I strive to be better and truly repent, I can receive forgiveness, that is only possible by such a power, such a great love, to feel them truly expurgated, suppressed, swept away by the love of the Lord. I love you.

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Ephesians 6:10-19


November 25, 2014

     Oh the ways of the Lord. We can always be better, we can always get closer to  the Lord. He is ALWAYS there waiting for us. In reality this week was good, but not so great. Super weird to think, hey my sister is getting married today during the week. All in all we are seeing lots of progress. We don't have a lot of investigators, but the ones we have are really close to baptism. A nine year old girl and 70 year old man. =) Only a few more steps and they will be ready.
    Honestly I have nothing to say about this week other than it has acutally been a little cold outside. Haha no one is on the streets, but if they are they are in two or more sweaters =) and a coat. 
     The zone leaders go to the offices Friday so if the package is there I'll get it next week, but I spoke with the Secretaries yesterday and they didn't mention anything, so we'll see. 
     I love the feeling of testifying and being so sure of that which I am testifying that the Holy Spirit testifies to me yet again, in the very moment, the veracity of such witnesses and knowledge. 
     I love you my family, you all look well!! A few with some crazy hair, but that's them. My sister looks very Beautiful and I am very happy for her =) and the place looks great!!! Awesome colors =) 
     I am always grateful to have a place at the table and in the hearts of the members of each of you, my family. I love you =) Please be safe in everything you do!!

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
1 Nephi 15:8 and 11