Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Work of Salvation and Ward Council

December 9, 2013

     Hello my dearest family,
  All I can really say is what a wonderful time of the year it is, such a change of pace and Spirit.
     This Wednesday we will be having a meeting with our ward councils and Elder De Hoyos. =) 
      As for the big question, I will be making the call, more likely a skype call,  hopefully before 3 pm MST.  I Have an account and I have the information, my father sent them to me as of a long time ago. =) no worries there. We still haven't planned it out yet, but we will have the information next week all set for you ok?? I will most likely be in a cyber café considering that the churches here have super problems with their internet.....=) The call won't  be too long, likely 40 minutes. PLEASE EVERYONE BE THERE. You all say you miss me, but this is where we see for real =) haha love you all. 
     I was able to attend the devotional, but only because we took an investigator. He is finally receiving the  support from the ward he needs. We have a problem of La Virgen de Guadalupe with him, but he himself is finding the answer to that question. 
    This Saturday the 14th is the Baptism of Cielo, 9 year old, that we have been teaching. 
    It's a new transfer, and we will be staying the same, maybe we will get two more missionaries in the ward, but the member whose home we are going to be renting has not  be in reach for the past week....... it may be sisters, maybe not, there are too many changes to right  now to focus on everything and it is really hard to remember, even with our planners. 
      We have seen much success with the  example of our Bishop and other ward memebers helping us find and prepare investigators!! So great!!!
     I love you all, I have not much to say for what I do not remember, and I forgot my other planner.
    But I remember what I have felt this past week. Starting with the Elder's quorum lesson. Relating it to Ether 12:32-33  Charity which all persons mentioned in chapter 20 had in their own time. Willingness to give their life for the world. Such a wonderful testimony to me. I have never felt the Spirit testify to my heart so much than when I myself am testifying of a principle or plain truth . My Savior lives. I love Him, and as I strive to be better and truly repent, I can receive forgiveness, that is only possible by such a power, such a great love, to feel them truly expurgated, suppressed, swept away by the love of the Lord. I love you.

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-
Ephesians 6:10-19

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