Brett Gonzalez has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mexico Tampico Mission. He entered the Provo MTC on April 3, 2013 and is expected to serve a period of 24 months. He is a beloved son, brother and friend and we are overwhelmed with joy to share him with the wonderful Mexican people.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another week. Another letter

October 22, 2013

 I am on the Lord's Errand. I am smart, capable, considerate, and rely upon the Lord my only strength. 
     If you read only that, it is sufficient for me.

     Today I write on Tuesday. The temple is not open Mondays. We went to the temple, yes I am now in an area where I can go to the temple, I have been here for nearly six weeks. I still love you.
      Tuesday was good. We had a lesson with a young adult who changed drastically from our first visit. She accepted a baptismal date. We haven't been able to contact her since because she is now working. She has much potential, and has a realization of the need for the atonement in her life and a plan.
     Wednesday we had a round table with the assitants. The lesson was good, and the activity helped me a lot in seeing my teaching ability, the lack of use of talent, and the depth of each child of our Hevenly Father. We had divisions with one of the assistants Elder Ringer from Las Vegas. The day was very interesting and there are some people who need friends. A man told us that he left the church because in his time of need no one was there. It ought not be that way, but it IS. As members we have a duty, it will always be our duty. Love our neighbors as ourselves. Know each one of them.It was also Sam's birthday.
     Thursday was really something. Weekly planning, the best it has ever been and quick too, never though it would happen, but when you can get in on a focus with what needs to happen, with whom, the plans to get it done, it all falls into place and the time flies. This day we had a lesson with part of the family that had someone pass away, The Novoa family. We have three new baptismal dates with them. Only the parents are members and the son who passed away. His sisters are not, we are teaching two and an uncle, there is more to come with this family you will see.
     Friday we had our district meeting. And my favorite part was a focus on the scriptures, introducing them and treasuring them up in our minds and our hearts. It wasn't a great day lesson wise, but still good. My faith strong seen by my companion when waiting for our investigator =) I knew he would come. 
     Saturday. Wow. We prepared our activity for the evening, Viaje a Hawái, with the rooms and all the things we were going to use and all that jazz. We had no time for anything and it was raining, that is really bad here, many of our members are from an area called Chipús, a place filled with mud always. rain is bad, we had our food appointment there too, far from our house. We had to get things readyand rush back to the church for final touches and greeting. We had more than 70 people show up to the activity , we started late and changed many plans right then and there, but it was a success. We had plenty of investigators and the members were strongly impacted as well. 
     Sunday I gave a talk on prayer. They asked us to give a talk saturday night....My first talk in the field and it was really bad. I like giving talks, but Spanish is hard for me in that aspect, but I have used the things I learned from my preparations very much in these few days. The Lord prepares the ways for His children to have success, I may not have done much with my talk, but in the lessons it has been vital. THIS IS THE DAY we had a lesson with the Novoa family again, but this time there was more extended family!! We had, at one time 12 people, three children, many questions. It was tough we were fairly unprepared for a situation of the like. But the ones who remained were intrerested. We have now a very interested couple, who look to have incredible potential, I am excited for them, the only thing is here where it becomes difficult to focus on each individuals needs. But it was great, stretched me and my companion. 
     Monday we did service early in the morning, I have some blisters as proof. My first time using a machete =) I have photos no worries. Oh and the first time I use civilian clothes other than exercise clothing. We had really good lessons with a less active of which I believe I have spoken before. Maybe. He works on the Plataformas and is away from home a lot. But when he is home he does not attend church. I enjoy this man's company and he can be an incredible example for many. I expressed that to him as well as many other things and other comments from my companion. I hoped to awaken in him a true desire. In another we had with a family who lost their father and husband recently, it was on faith and expanded to their needs. We had inspired comments and questions and the only thing that really lacks here are good influences, they aren't so much lost as they think they are and we are hoping to help them on the right track with out relying upon us. We ate three times meal with much chíle habanero =) not so bad.
     The Temple was incredible. definitely a different experience. I was able to get some things from the temple store that I have needed!! So great and so cheap! I have received answers to my prayers, my petitions, and by way of prayer, the scriptures and feelings have received so much. I am eternally grateful. 
     I testify of true and honest prayer. Seeking we will find. Going to the places that are holy and for us heaven on earth are the places to be. Go to the temple and often. Please. I promise now, test me. I will not fail one week in going to the temple when I am home again. 
     I love you all. 

Elder Gonzalez
     -Warrior for the Lord-

*What a guy, right? I sure love him and I pray that he will be more confident in Spanish soon. :) He's coming up on 7 months in the field. Thank you for supporting him by sharing his experiences with him and keeping him in your thoughts  and prayers. 

Our deepest love goes out to the family and loved ones of Elder Kunz. May you find comfort in the knowledge that through temple covenants and righteous living, families will be forever.

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